Inert Waste Management Services

Inert Waste Management and Recycling Services.

Howford Recycling is a licensed facility (approved and accredited by the Environment Agency) which allows us to accept and process inert (non-hazardous) materials from construction and demolitions, such as concrete, soils, screening, plainings, stone, subsoils.

We can process your waste material both on-site and here at our recycling facility.  Howford Recycling also cater for larger waste transfer projects, we can place our equipment on your site and process the materials directly.

If you wish we can also arrange for waste materials to be collected from your site and brought to our plant for processing. We have a weighing bridge which allows for an accurate cost for all recycling.  Howford Recycling offer all of the above services at very competitive prices.

Why recycle inert waste?

WRAP targets

  • Reduces waste to landfill
  • minimises environmental impact
  • promotes UK waste reduction targets
  • Help reduce cost of waste disposal
  • enables companies to achieve their environmental targets

For more details and prices please feel free to contact us on : 07710478575

Recycled Products

Howford Recycling produce a range of recycled materials available at competitive prices, such as recycled stone, washed gravel, top soil, road plainings  – see our products page for more details.